Palletised goods in 6m and 12m general purpose containers

Aspen International is also your partner for the transport of your packaged goods. Thanks to our good relationships with several shipping companies, we are able to provide guaranteed container capacity.

Freight forwarding from South Africa

The business with Africa has doubled over the last ten years. Aspen International has built a strong transport network in Africa, Europe and the Middle East and will be happy to help you set up and optimise your flows of goods from the South African market.

Door-to-door delivery

Besides our offices in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, we have built an extensive partner network. We ship your goods to virtually any destination on the globe. We also work with agents and forwarders worldwide, allowing us to provide door-to-door delivery of your packaged goods.

Why would you choose the Aspen International general purpose container solution?
Small packaging or bulk transport?

Bulk transport is a popular alternative to packaged goods. Shipping your liquid bulk in ISO tank containers or flexitanks has great advantages over small packaging, such as more than a double payload and serious savings on man-hours and handling costs.

Discover the advantages of ISO tank containers
Discover the advantages of flexitanks