Liquid bulk in Flexitanks

Shipping liquid bulk goods in flexitanks is a much used form of transport. This type of transport is perfectly suited for popular export products such as wine and latex. Aspen International is widely experienced in the use of flexitanks and will be happy to organise the transport of your liquid bulk goods for you.

Cut back on handling and packaging costs

More and more shipping companies choose to ship their liquids as bulk freight. It doubles your payload and cuts down handling and packaging costs considerably. Aspen International is happy to lend support in converting your flows of packaged goods into bulk transport.

Guaranteed quality

Aspen International solely works with renowned flexibag producers. The flexibags meet strict requirements, which will guarantee the quality and safety of your product during transport. We also have an extensive network of depots and shipping agents, ensuring capacity at all times.

Why would you choose the Aspen International flexitank solution?
Flexitanks or ISO tanks?

ISO tank containers are a popular alternative to flexitanks. As the flexitank is not suited for the shipment of dangerous goods that require heated transport, Aspen International provides both transport solutions and is happy to lend support in choosing the most suitable transport solution for you.

Discover the advantages of ISO tank containers.