Alcohol & liquor

Maximum payload thanks to 26,000 litre tanks

The demand for alcohol and liquor is large in Africa. Shipping these products from South Africa to mainly West Africa constitutes one of Aspen International’s largest transport flows.

Alcohol & liquorAlthough alcoholic beverages are still often shipped in final packaging, more and more producers see the advantages of bulk transport. Food ethanol for instance, is already frequently shipped in tank containers all over the world. This form of transport is also growing fast in South Africa, especially from Durban to West Africa.

Maximum payload

Aspen International is very active in shipping alcohol and liquor in Africa. We make use of 26,000 litre ISO tank containers, because it increases your payload considerably. As an indication: a volume of approximately 13,500 litres may be shipped in final packaging. Using ISO tank containers to transport bulk moreover leads to a cutback in handling and packaging costs and, in some countries, in import duties as well.

Final packaging or bulk transport?

Should you ship your alcohol and liquor in final packaging or as bulk? Aspen International has wide experience with both of these logistic solutions and is happy to advise on the best logistic solution for your company. Thanks to our intensive cooperation with various shipping companies and tank container operators, such as Van den Bosch DMCC, we can guarantee capacity at all times.

Aspen International ships your alcohol & liquor in: