From bottling locally to bulk export

Wine is one of the most popular export products of South Africa. Where the product historically was exported as finished product in cases of bottles, ‘modis operandi’ has changed recently. Wine is often shipped as a bulk product to nominated filling stations all over the world. Aspen International is happy to advise on the best logistic solution for your company.


Double your payload

Exporting wine as bulk will more than double your payload. As an indication: you can ship a volume of 10,000 – 13,500 litres in bottles. A flexitank will almost double that to 24,000 litres and an ISO tank container will optimise your payload to the maximum of 26,000 litres. Bulk transport will also lead to considerably fewer handling and packaging costs.

Bottling locally

More and more wine exporters are discovering the advantages of bulk transport. Bulk transport has increased to more than sixty per cent of all wine export from South Africa to Europe. The wine is shipped in bulk to various European filling stations in order to be bottled close to its markets, often as ‘private label’, thus providing new avenues for both wine producers and retailers.

Full logistic solution
Aspen International has years of experience in transporting wine from South Africa and is happy to advise on the best suitable logistic solution for your company. We cooperate intensively with renowned shipping companies and container operators, such as Van den Bosch DMCC, and are thus able to guarantee you capacity. Moreover, good local contacts, for instance in Europe, enable us to provide a door-to-door solution, including local handling.
Aspen International will ship your wine in: