Liquid bulk in ISO Tank Containers

Shipping your liquid bulk goods in ISO tank containers offers you many advantages over the use of flexitanks and small packaging. For example, you will optimise your payload and save considerably on working hours and packaging costs.

While many freight forwarders only ship bulk goods in flexitanks, Aspen International goes one step further. We can also ship your liquid bulk goods in ISO tank containers, which results in an optimisation of your payload and reduction of your logistic costs.

Optimise your payload

What are the advantages of ISO tanks over flexitanks and small packaging? The main advantages are listed below.

Advantages of using ISO tank containers:
Guaranteed capacity

Aspen International cooperates intensively with experienced tank container operators, such as Van den Bosch DMCC. Thanks to our extensive partner network, we are able to offer you container capacity at all times, both for foodstuff and for chemical bulk goods. Our ISO tank containers meet strict requirements, so that quality and safety of your product are guaranteed during transport.

Door-to-door delivery

After arrival at the port of discharge, your product is also in good hands with us. We can take care of the entire transport process and provide door-to-door delivery. Besides our offices in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we work with agents and forwarders worldwide to handle the local transport for you.

About Van den Bosch DMCC

Van den Bosch DMCC is our partner for tank container transport. The company is based in Dubai and is part of Van den Bosch Transporten: a leading logistic services provider with over fifty years of experience in international bulk transport. The growing network of Van den Bosch covers Europe and is extending into Africa and the Middle East as well. For more information, please visit: